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Whether you use DVDs for marketing purposes, business presentations, data storage, or a representation of your band’s music – you want to make sure your DVD is a functional product that always works reliably.

We offer a full-range DVD authoring services, providing you with a lot of options to choose from:

  • Short-run duplication DVDs
  • Large volume replication DVDs
  • Quality tested and cost-effective
  • Four types of printing methods

DVDsite offers both short-run DVD duplication and high volume DVD replication at any quantity – no project is too small or too large for us. Whether you have your data replicated or duplicated to a DVD will depend on you. 

DVD duplication works best for small runs of DVDs; it is ideal for projects below 1,000 DVDs. If you are on a time crunch, DVDsite can provide you with a 1 to 2-business day turnaround on DVD duplication packages. DVD duplication is similar to how your home computer burns a DVD or Cds; the process involves turning an “image” of your data burns onto a recordable DVD using high-quality equipment.

The Process 

If you want a large order or time is not of the essence, our DVD replication services uses state-of-the art replication equipment to press your data/content into an optical-grade plastic mold made from a glass master of your data. The DVDs are then topped with metal and lacquer coats to protect the data and keep the DVDS from scratching.

Duplication is the same process large DVD manufacturing factories use to make a DVD. We can make DVDs that hold up to 4.7 to 17 gigabytes of content and each DVD must individually meet our high-quality standards. They are each tested to make sure they are compatible with software, computers, and home/video equipment.

Methods To Print Labels

The prices vary for DVD replication, but the more you order – the lower the cost – and unit costs are lower than duplicated DVDs. Once the data is put on your DVDs, you will have the option of using four methods to print the labels. 

These include thermal transfer, inkjet printing, silkscreen printing, and offset printing. While offset printing is the industry standard for DVDs and produces rich and vibrant images, it may be in your best interest to go with the cheaper process of silk screening or inkjet printing---depending on the design, colors used, and size of text.  

Our team will speak with you to determine what type of printing process and DVD authoring process is best for your project.

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