DVD Replication

Since 2001, DVDsite has specialized in professional DVD replication and other multimedia services for businesses, musicians, and hobbyists.

At DVDsite, we focus in customer satisfaction. So, whether you are a business owner spreading the word on your company; a marketing specialist giving presentations on your corporation’s products and services; or a hard-working musician we can get the job done for you.

To Replicate or Duplicate?

Whether you have your data replicated or duplicated to a DVD will depend on you and your specific needs. What is the difference between DVD replication and duplication? 

Simply volume and manufacturing process.

At DVDsite, we provide you with a personalized approach to best meet your desires and requirements. 

Strict Quality Control

DVD replication is used for producing large batches of DVDS; DVD duplication is used for getting out small batches of DVDs. Duplication is fine if you plan to give out small quantities of your DVDs as gifts. But if you need to get your DVDs out to a large audience than DVD replication is the method to use. The prices vary, but the more you order – the lower the cost – and unit costs are lower than duplicated DVDs.

DVD replication is a complex process but at DVDsite, we can make DVDs that hold up to 4.7 to 17 gigabytes of content. First, we make a glass master of the original data (content) you provide us with from your master copy. Your data then is etched onto the glass master, using a high-power precision laser. 

DVD Rings

That done using state-of-the-art replication equipment, we press your content into an optical-grade polycarbonate plastic mold, from the glass master. This process produces the familiar DVD “rings” that are firmly embedded with your DVD coding and content. Duplication is the same process large DVD manufacturing facilities use to make a DVD, while replication is similar to how you burn a DVD at home on your computer. The finished product of replication is a DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, or DVD-18 and the end product of duplication is a DVD-R.

The DVDs are then topped with aluminum and lacquer coats to protect the data and keep them from scratching. Finally, the DVD is checked for quality assurance, and put through a strict regiment of tests to make sure they are compatible with software, computers, and home/video equipment. Each DVD must meet our high-quality standards. 

When the process is complete, you will have exact copies of your master DVD. DVD replication is fast, cost-effective; it will save you headaches with audio/video/computer compatibility. If you want more than 500 DVD copies, we recommend using replication.

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